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forex time robot

forex time robot

Are you use the EA to trade forex?

These notes may be useful to you:

Why do so many people use trading EA can be a big loss?

Most users do not know how it works EA and beyond its ability. Like a motorcycle be set equal to the car.

Later in the end spare parts will be broken one by one.

So if using EA, use them wisely, there is no guarantee of trading with the EA and manual trading it will definitely benefit.

It all depends on your intelligence and wisdom in forex trading.

Here is a mistake that is often experienced trader :

1. Assume that EA as a moneymaker for riches and thought after EA at the input to the chart later Equity accounts directly so much.

2. Greed will make unrealistic targets. for example: with a capital of $ 100 hoping to be $ 10,000 in an instant.

3. Not understanding how EA work correctly. How to use the correct EA is not excessive because most people who use the EA does not understand how it works.

4. Not understanding the character pairs available. Many traders think the market could be predicted and controlled using the indicator. Market did not follow the indicators, but indicators that follow market.

5. When floting, most people think the price will go back, but after waiting until the loss rates never returned to normal.

6. If you want to make a robot system, the system should also have good manual. Not in user rarely profit already made robot then the result is bad. Supposed to be tested manually before, so it would be better. After it made the robot as an assistant, if it is required a minimum will be plenty of free time to do other activities. but for programmers sometimes a lot of imagination with the trading system as well as coding and directly applied to the EA.

7. The use of money management in the EA that bad, if you want to survive in fact it is on Money Management and Risk Management, also affects the daily targets that could avoid particularly high impact news, especially if it does not support EA.

When Trading Forex was intended as a business, then you have to be realistic in determining profit. better enlarge enlarge balance of the profit.

for example: If your Balance $ 100 a month in 1000% target profit, I think this is a very big risk because the larger the profit is also the greater the risk.

It would be better if the balance is $ 1,000 with a profit target of 20% will be safer.

Plan a realistic target percentage, a small but consistent profits from the big profit but a week lose a lot.

Most traders think the use of EA is dangerous. Yes, one side may be right.

But I see another opportunity. If one day I of EA just looking for 1% of the already very good.

During this trader feels less if it gets 20% a month if with a small capital.

Features and benefits FXTR

Money management and risk management
of the EA features that include important is MM and RM, Most other EA using MM and RM of balance. whereas we consider important parameter on equity and margin. The benefit is keeping the capital remained stable and minimize the risk incurred.

Hidden TP and SL
Our experience after a few years, turned out to TP and SL is very important in the use of EA. Because after trying some brokers are not mentioned, there are problems with TP and SL are produced by EA. Besides the benefits of using TP and SL also greatly affect the benefits and risks of forex trading. With our EA, you can minimize risk and maximize profits

Open order organized
open orders are regularly very big influence on the durability / duration of a trading robot. Different from EA that of open orders blindly with many positions will not be long lasting. benefit from the opening of regular order is disciplining the workings of the robot itself. Our EA we were quite disciplined, and in fact lasting until now.

System trading profitable
There are many systems in forex trading. If you are already experienced in forex trading, you must know precisely a simple trading system that will make your trading profitable. most users ea just wear it. whereas with FXTR you will be given the ease and instructions on using EA until you understand systemnya so easy. by knowing the trading system we have, you will not be difficult if there floating in forex trading.

Strategi in EA
EA can still be a loss even though the strategy has been coordinated, appropriate, and structured. Formulate and implement tactics including a vital role in forex EA. Here we use intraday strategies, hedging, and averaging for an open trade, but we are not going to explain every function of the open trade. an ea that do not have a strategy in forex trading can destroy your account.

The above explanation is the features and benefits of our ea.

Using EA sometimes make our work so floaty,no need analysis, both fundamental and technical.

All the analyzes carried out by EA, so many traders who use it. Please look at the video below how it work FXTR

Forex Time ROBOT
Open order organized

Moneymanagement and Risk management

All brokers can work unless the broker scammer

Filtering high impact news to avoid the price spread excessively

Trade sessions, FXTR a different strategy follow trading sessions
No organized

Only Moneymanagement

Broker specific

No filtering high impact news

No Trading session
forex time robot forex time robot


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forex time robot
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