How to use IQ Option – Basic guide for new traders

This is an article detailing how to use IQ Option for new traders to trade on IQ Option platform

At the moment, IQ Option is no longer just a Binary Option floor as the first days of establishment, IQ Option has been integrating many other types of investment into their platforms such as: Forex, Digital Option, Binary Option. In the following article, I will show you how to trade on IQ Option platform.

– First, you need to have an IQ Option account (You will not lose money when creating an account at

Choose a demo account to experience!

– This is the interface after successful registration of IQ Option account!

This is the interface after successful registration of IQ Option account

Here’s what you need to know when trading on IQ Option Broker!


Look closely at the 2 red and blue buttons on the screen HIGHER / LOWER. Playing Binary Options means you choose an ending time, choose money. And predict the price will increase or decrease within the time frame you have chosen. So, these are the two buttons that determine whether you win or lose. Before touching these 2 blue / red buttons, let me show you how to set up basic on IQ Option.

– Select a pair of products with high Profit like EUR / USD in the picture


– Select the candle chart. This is the most popular candlestick chart today.


– Select the time to create a candle. You can choose the time of the candle is 1 minute. Then press the button off at Change interval automatically (automatically change candles). Turn this off, when you zoom in and out. Candles in your IQ Option interface will not be changed.


– You need to choose the exact time the order ends. The default of IQ Option is 1 minute!


– You need to enter the amount you will trade in this order!


Thus, you have understood the functions on the interface of IQ Option.

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